NEW Sharp MX-3570N MFP

Copycat Document Solutions are pleased to announce the launch of a totally new colour A3 MFP series from Sharp. The launch of the new products will be phased throughout 2016, with the introduction of the first three new models from the 1st February 2016, the MX-4070N, MX-3570N and MX-3070N. The new MX series will radically simplify Sharp’s print portfolio, replacing three different A3 ranges with one common unit design and user interface, which is easier to use and service. New benefits include an out-of-the-box pull printing solution and reduced warm-up time thanks to improvements in ......Read More

NEW Sharp MX-266N Mono Copier MFP

The MX-266N, MX-316N & MX-M356N offers the fastest print speed in the range at up to 35ppm to save time on large print jobs, and is network ready as standard, so everyone can connect straight away. All MX models offer the flexibility of different configurations. For example, the standard 1,100 paper capacity can be increased to 2,100 if the department takes on more staff, without having to invest in a new MFP. Rachel Dean, European Product Planning Manager, said “Sharp’s MFPs offer considerable productivity and time saving benefits, from fast, reliable printing and an easy to use ......Read More

Protecting Critical Information

There is a cyclical problem occurring in businesses worldwide. Employees want to use collaborative tools to help with their workflow. Companies are not providing them with these tools so they are turning to so-called freemium products such as Dropbox and Google Drive to share and collaborate files and documents. But, as soon as employees use public cloud tools the company effectively loses control of business-critical information, which of course, the employers are not comfortable with. One insightful statistic from a survey conducted by AIIM is that 56 per cent of businesses around the wor ......Read More

NEW Sharp MFP’s

Copycat Document Solutions are pleased to announce the launch of two new high performance black and white multifunction printers, providing powerful multitasking workflow features and exceptional image quality. The MX-M654N and MX-M754N can print at speeds up to 75 pages per minute. Designed for medium and large workgroups and departmental environments, these models combine a modular design with tablet-style menu navigation and powerful output capabilities. The MX-M654N and MX-M754N enable large workgroups to manage demanding workflows with greater efficiency and produce more professional ......Read More