Document Management & Workflow



Sharpdesk 1
  • Manage documents in single application on your desktopSharpdesk 2
  • Intuitive desktop display features thumbnail viewing
  • Powerful document storage, file search and retrieval
  • Composer for easy compilation of multiple file types
  • Output zone distributes files to e-mail, printers, and other applications
  • Sharpdesk Imaging provides annotation tools for paper-free proofreading
  • Instant drag and drop distribution of documents
  • Advanced Security options
  • Annotation tools for paper-free proofreading
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) converts documents into editable files
  • Sharpdesk Composer combines different types of files into a single document


Sharpdesk™ dramatically reduces the clutter of hard copy documents on your desk by giving you a personal scanned image and electronic file management system, direct from your desktop. Document management has never been this easy. Just scan the documents with your digital copier/printer and instantly file, browse, annotate, sort, search and share them with anyone on your network. And with everything in one place, neatly indexed and available at the click of your mouse, you’ll find your personal productivity moves up to a whole new level of efficiency


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Document Filing on the Hard Disk

The majority of Sharp multifunction devices have a built-in document filing system (Hard Disk). This application uses a dedicated internal hard disk to store documents and previous jobs (accessible from either the display or embedded web page), making the document workflow significantly more flexible and efficient. This is because recently completed print runs for example can be repeated without recreating the job, saving both on processing time and user intervention. While smooth document workflow is clearly a boon to office productivity, achieving it can be both costly and time consuming. Sharp’s advanced MFP features and original software applications boost document workflow and facilitate the cost-effective utilisation of digital data by making it easy to organise, store, access, and share documents on the hard disk.

Document Filing

allows processed data to be saved designated folders on the MFP’s hard disk, where they can be instantly recalled for printing and sending at a later time.

Document Filing

Easy Access to Stored Files

Documents stored on the hard disk can be quickly and easily searched and accessed from the control panel’s LCD via thumbnail displays and file previews or through a Web browser.

Document Filing 2

File Combining

For more effective data utilisation, two files saved on the MFP’s hard disk can be easily combined into one file.

Document Storage 3

Easy Sharing of Application Files

To facilitate file sharing across the office network, Sharp MFPs provide hard disk storage space for folders. Each folder can hold files created with applications such as Word and Excel® and saved in their original format.

Note: It is advisable to back up data saved to the MFP’s hard disk.

Document Filing 4

Mirroring Kit

To protect the enhanced data handling capability of the MFP’s hard disk, which provides improved Document Filing functions and easy sharing of application files, the optional Mirroring Kit offers hard disk backup and peace of mind.




SimplifyScan 1
  • Intelligent, easy to use Scanning Solution
  • Integrate scanned documents into your existing workflow
  • Save time and money by optimising efficiency
  • Seamless integration with Sharp MFPs
  • Create text searchable files for easy retrieval
  • User friendly interface
  • Scan directly into your business application


SimplifyScan, based on the power of Sharp OSA (Open System Architecture), allows users to easily capture documents and distribute copies to any location on their network, directly from their Sharp MFP. Allowing users to quickly and efficiently integrate their documents into their existing digital workflows. SimplifyScan ensures that the document is stored in the preferred/selected destination as a text searchable file. This can be files for archiving like PDF or PDF/A, or editable files, like Word or Excel.

With SimplifyScan it is possible to have real time bi-directional communication with your network and/or database.  The correct repository can easily be selected on the display of the Sharp MFP. Processes that previously needed to be done manually, and took several minutes to complete, can now be finished automatically in a matter of seconds. SimplifyScan combines ingenuity with user friendliness to create an easy and intuitive scanning solution and can be integrated into any workflow.



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Drivve Image


  • Suite of powerful scanning software tools
  • Eliminate time-consuming and error prone manual processes
  • Browse to any folder on your network from the MFP
  • Print common office documents directly from the MFPDrivve Image 1
  • Integrate seamlessly with email and database systems
  • Flexible licensing model – only license certain features
  • Supports Zonal OCR
  • Enhanced Bar Code Reading and Separation


Documents can be scanned in bulk, digitally ‘cleaned’, annotated, indexed and distributed to any network destination or folder, directly from the MFP, in a matter of moments. Drivve Image is a suite of powerful software tools that was developed for Sharp OSA (Open Systems Architecture)-enabled MFPs to eliminate time-consuming, error prone manual processes from ordinary office activities, such as scanning, storing, distributing and managing documents. Documents can be scanned in bulk, digitally ‘cleaned’, annotated, indexed and distributed to any network destination or folder, directly from the MFP, in a matter of moments.


Drivve Image Components in Brief:

  • Scanner Power Tools – for faster smarter scanning with advanced image correction.
  • Optical Character Recognition – an OCR module with multi-language support for scanning to editable, searchable file formats With Zonal OCR you can define an unlimited number of zones on a document.(option for Scanner Power Tools)
  • Bar Code Module – automatically recognises more than 20 industry standard bar code types.(option for Scanner Power Tools)
  • Database Connector – for integrated connection between Sharp MFP and your corporate database.
  • Exchange/Fax Connector – integrates with Microsoft Exchange and fax servers
    for single step scan-and-fax or scan-and-email to anyone in your address book.
  • SharePoint Connector – gives you a simple but powerful way to scan documents directly from your Sharp MFP to Microsoft SharePoint services


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