Printer Administration

Email Status & Alerts

More than any other piece of office equipment, printers, copiers and MFP’s demand continual attention – even if it’s just to keep them supplied with toner and paper. And every time one becomes unavailable, dozens of employees can be affected and the productivity of an entire work group compromised. That’s why Sharp has developed a suite of software applications specifically designed to ease the burden of managing MFP’s, making your job easier and faster, while reducing the cost of ownership.


  • Email alerts give early warning of potential problems
  • Full diagnostic data by e-mail for efficient and fast support
  • Emailing of counter data for accurate billing
  • Regular email reports for scheduling of maintenance intervals
  • Provided free with all Sharp MFP’s


This handy feature reduces downtime by allowing a Sharp printer or copier to report any problems by sending an email to the appropriate user or department. This could be as simple as a device running low on paper or toner, for instance, or even an event like a paper jam. The result is that timely action can be taken to resolve issues before they become problems that have a real impact on productivity. Everyone can print more, for longer.


Printer Status  

14-03-2014 21-10-28


  •    Monitor your printer in real time
  •    Control the printer status from your desktop
  •    Check the print job status from your desktop
  •    Notifies you once print job is completed
  •    Provided free with all Sharp MFP’s



Sharp Printer Status Monitor lets you check the status of a printer – to see if it has sufficient paper and toner, for instance – before starting the job and without leaving your desk. In addition, Sharp Printer Status Monitor eliminates wasted trips to the machine by notifying you when your job has been completed and is ready for collection, through a simple, icon-based graphical interface on your desktop.


Sharp Remote Device Manager


  • Browser-based monitoring of networked printers and MFP’sPrinter Status
  • At-a-glance confirmation of device status
  • Easy distribution and installation of printer drivers
  • Remote configuration of the device
  • Clone settings across multiple devices
  • Remotely view and operate the device’s front panel
  • Remote firmware upgrades
  • Service reports for optimum efficiency


Sharp’s Remote Device Manager will help you to keep all your networked MFP’s and printers running smoothly by giving you a detailed view of the precise status of each and every machine right from your desktop. It runs on your network file server and can be accessed by any client on your network through a standard web browser.  This web-based approach means that although you install it just once, you can configure and manage your devices from anywhere on the network.

In addition, the Sharp Remote Device Manager can be easily customised. You can create lists of printers that share specific characteristics and display them by model name, IP address, status, location and more.

New features include the remote front panel feature that enables support staff to view and control the LCD panel from anywhere on the network, as well as the ability to review service logs and update firmware.

Error-reporting, troubleshooting, maintenance planning, driver installation, printer configuration: The Sharp Remote Device Manager makes everything easier.  Uptime is maximised, issues quickly resolved and the number of support calls reduced.