How To Reduce Your Printing Costs

Think before you Print!Reduce Printing Costs 1

The most important thing is to think before you press the print button. Is the printout really needed or could you do without it? Also, proof your document before you print it. Check the electronic version over as many reprints are due to detected spelling errors when reading the physical paper copy.

Print in draft and toner save modes

Most printers come with a print draft quality option and toner save modes. Always use this option for text as this uses a lot less ink or toner and is still perfectly legible. As a bonus printing is also faster in this mode and you can extend your cartridge life, reducing your cost per page.

Print using black and white

Colour printing is much more expensive that black and white or mono printing. For this reason you should always print in mono unless colour is absolutely required.

Often there is a setting for this under your printer’s options and preferences, set to print black and white as default.

Print to PDF instead of printing on paper

Are you one of those that print a document to be able to send it by post or fax?

Consider saving the document as PDF and email the document, saving on paper costs and postage.

Optimize your Print Layout

  1. Print on both sides of paper if your printer is capable of printing double-sided (duplex). This will reduce your paper usage up to 50 percent and significantly reduce your carbon footprint by taking this simple step.
  2. Use ‘ECO fonts’ or smaller sized fonts that can save you up to ~15% of the ink or toner consumption. Printing text heavy documents that are set in Times Roman or Century Gothic have also been proven to use less ink or toner and therefore reducing consumption saving you money.
  3. If possible, print multiple pages per sheet. This is called Multi-Shot printing and is a common printer option where pages are shrunk down so that 2 or 4 pages can fit onto one sheet of paper reducing paper usage and postage costs. This is very good for storage of large amounts of documents that do not have to be read too often. TIP – Choose “Handouts” and the number of slides when printing in Powerpoint or choose 2 pages per sheet when printing Word documents.

Invest in a All-In-One multifunction printer

Multifunction printers (MFP’s) combine a printer, photocopier, scanner and fax machine in one compact, cost-effective device streamlining your communications, eliminating unnecessary consumable inventory, minimizing service agreements and saving on valuable desk and office space.

Enable the printers power management

Most modern printers have power management functionality which will turn vital printer functions off when possible. These functions are designed to meet energy efficiency standards. Functions often included are going into power save mode if the printer is inactive during a certain period of time or an automatic shut off during evenings, nights and weekends.

Always use the manufacturer’s original consumables

All manufacturer printers are optimised to work more efficiently with their own original consumables. To ensure maximum performance, the highest print quality, longevity and ultimate cost-effectiveness we advise users to use original supplies. Read more about why use manufacturer original consumables.

Spend less on toners

Use high yield toner cartridges, as these last longer and offer a lower cost per page. High yield toner cartridges are also more environmental friendly as you use fewer cartridges to print the same amount of pages, resulting in less materials used in their manufacture, less fuel to transport them, less CO2 emissions and less waste to recycle.

Compatible ink and toners refills could be costly

Compatible ink and toner refills may seem like a great way to reduce the cost of printing, but the quality and yields produced by third party inks and toners often falls short of the manufacturer’s standards. Refills can clog up print engines and contaminate other parts if used and you will be voiding your manufacturers warranty or service agreement even if you are still within the warranty period.

Use print management software

The strongest tool in any organisation’s looking to control costs, increase service levels and optimise the return on investment is print management products, document auditing and accounting products, that provide the tools to measure, monitor and control document production across a network and allow for identification of costs. With print management software you can track all printing that goes on in your organisation. You can limit printing by users, groups and organisation units. You can restrict printing by colour, print size, daily limits and more. An upfront investment needs to me made but the savings will quickly pay for it.