Pre-Owned MFP

5Our comprehensive range of Pre-owned Photocopiers and multifunctional devices make it the right document solution for your business. All of our Pre-owned copiers/MFPs have the same warranty as a new device for your peace of mind. Whether buying or leasing a used photocopier, Copycat document solutions can provide flexibility to ensure you have a payment plan to suit your business model.

With over 25 years experience in the office equipment industry Copycat document solutions has been consulting on the purchase, installation and maintenance of new and used office copiers and MFPs, we have built up long standing relationships with our clients based on our excellent customer service.

Although the devices within our range pre-owned copiers have previously been in use, most have been part exchanged due to a client upgrading their system in line with the latest specifications of photocopiers, meaning that they are fully serviced and functional. Not all business operations require the latest in print devices and our refurbished copiers are a cost effective solution to obtaining the document output you require.

Many of our pre-owned copier/MFPs can perform a number of essential functions, such as copying, printing, scanning, fax, network & finishing options.

All of our pre-owned copier/MFPs are subjected to close technical scrutiny starting with the inspection. The equipment is then stripped down to the frame and each part is individually checked. The part is either replaced or cleaned, depending on the condition found during the inspection. There are two types of parts within a copier, consumable and electrical parts. The consumable parts have a certain “life” that is based on copier usage. The consumable parts comprise of various rollers, feed tires, drums, gears, etc. With today’s copier technology it allows us to measure how much life remains in each consumable part. This is all done to ensure that they deliver consistent levels of productivity. Electrical parts either work or they don’t. There isn’t any stated life from the manufacturer. Therefore, if an electrical part is tested as working, and meets the manufacturer’s specifications, it is not replaced. If an electrical part does not work upon testing and inspection, it is replaced during this process.

As the equipment is going through this process we will be rebuilt it to the manufacturer’s specifications and update it to the latest software. Then we thoroughly test the copier in various modes of operation to ensure it reliability.

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