Sharp Cloud Portal Office

Introduction – Connected BusinessOSA_Clouddownload
Good connections inspire great ideas /This is Why business is better with Cloud Portal Office.

What if you could supercharge your business by giving every employee secure on-demand access to every piece of information they need, wherever they are? You can with Sharp Cloud Portal Office.

Now you can store, share and retrieve all of your digital files – Word documents, spread sheets, presentations, images, videos and anything else you want –  in ‘the cloud’. But that’s just the start.

Discover – The benefits of Cloud Portal Office

Multi-platform, Multi-location, Mobile convenience

Cloud Portal Office is a virtual information environment that brings everyone in your organisation together, whether they work from a desk, or on the move; any platform, any time.



Need some information? Just walk up to a Sharp MFP, log on, browse to the cloud and start printing. Multiple copies, double-sided printing, collation, stapling, hole punching and other finishing options are all available to you. Storing information is just as easy. Simply log on and scan directly to the cloud.

* MFP must be enabled with Sharp OSA 4.0 or above


Smartphones and Tablets


Anyone you’ve issued a subscription to can use an Android or Apple iOS device to access Cloud Portal Office through a uniform interface which gives everyone the same experience. There’s no need to be in the office to keep in touch – you can contribute your ideas wherever inspiration strikes. All you need is a mobile signal or connection and you can plug straight into the cloud. Access, upload, download, manage and print files from your phone or tablet; create new folders, collaborate and share. Cloud Portal Office lets you take your team with you wherever you go.


PC’s and Laptops


Anything you can store on a PC’s hard drive can also be stored in the cloud. And once it’s in the cloud it’s always available through Sharp Cloud Portal Office to every subscribed and authorised user. Plus, you can securely share your ideas and collaborate with others, safe in the knowledge that every team member has the most up to date versions (multi-platform background syncing of local files is standard), wherever they are and however they prefer to work. All they need is a PC or MAC and any standard web browser.

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FAQ -Your questions answered
Who will benefit from Cloud Portal Office?

Cloud Portal Office is ideal for anyone who wants to store, share and retrieve information, and any organisation – of any size – that wants to build better teamwork and closer collaboration.

Can it really compete with free services such as Dropbox?

Simple cloud services are fine for storing non-confidential files and photos. But Cloud Portal Office is a secure, subscription-based, multi-platform collaboration service designed for serious business use.

Is Cloud Portal Office easy to use and install?

If you have a Sharp MFP (with Sharp OSA 4.0 or later) or a Sharp BIG PAD interactive whiteboard you can start using it right now. Contact your local Sharp dealer to buy some subscriptions and get connected in moments. Every user that you authorise will benefit from single sign-on access from any supported platform, including mobile devices.

How secure is it?

It has been widely reported that some cloud services have been accessed by certain governments without the customers’ permission. In addition, one well-known file sharing service was recently hacked. Cloud Portal Office uses a combination of advanced encryption, personal user subscriptions (which, if necessary, can be instantly revoked by your IT Administrator), and exclusively European server farms to protect against unauthorised access.

What support is there?

Cloud Portal Office is so intuitive to use that you probably won’t need extra technical support.  But if you do you’ll find everything you need in the User Guide and Administrator’s Guide, or your local Sharp dealer will be pleased to help.

Getting Started 
How to buy and use subscriptions for Cloud Portal Office

If you already have a Sharp MFP* simply decide how many user subscriptions you need and contact your local Sharp dealer.

It will take just moments to get connected and then you can control everything yourself.

You can assign or revoke user subscriptions, buy additional ones online, increase your initial 10GB storage space – everything’s available, whenever you want – from a single secure web page. Plus, you can monitor all activity through a secure audit trail.

Total convenience

Unless you cancel them, the subscriptions will automatically renew every month, so you never have to worry about losing access to Cloud Portal Office. In addition, your Sharp dealer will make life simple by including everything on one monthly invoice.

New to Sharp? No problem. Contact your local Sharp dealer today to discover how to make the most of Cloud Portal Office with our MFPs.

*MFP must be enabled with Sharp OSA 4.0 or above