Sharp Eco-Friendliness

GlobeSharp understands that we should all take responsibility for our impact on the planet. This is why our future is a greener future. The new Sharp range of products emphasises their environmental commitment through the development of notably smaller and more resourceful toner cartridges.

Sharp’s manufacturing of toner cartridges results in a very low waste rate. All cartridges are made from recyclable plastics and due to the reduction in size of the cartridge, less packaging is needed. Power Consumption throughout the range can be reduced in a variety of ways including pre-heat mode, automatic shut-off mode and energy save mode.

The Sharp range of digital devices has been accredited with the Nordic Swan eco-label for their advanced environmental features.

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Sharp document systems exemplify a start-to-finish focus on environmental friendliness that is rooted in R&D, nurtured by low-impact, resource-saving production processes, and brought to fruition as energy-saving product performance.

Thanks to ongoing R&D efforts to reduce power consumption, Sharp’s advanced energy-saving technologies have been applied across all aspects of its MFPs, from the hardware and software to the electrical systems and supplies. As a result, Sharp MFPs boast some of the lowest power consumption rates in their respective classes—and Sharp is working towards achieving even lower TEC (Typical Electricity Consumption) values. The outstanding energy efficiency of Sharp MFPs sold worldwide has been commended by a leading independent testing organisation and recognised under the ENERGY STAR® programme. Moreover, Sharp’s environmental focus has given rise to products that sport a recycle-friendly design and use fewer parts and materials.

To minimise environmental impact, all Sharp document systems are manufactured at certified Super Green Factories—plants that have met Sharp’s strict standards for environmentally friendly production—and all Sharp document systems comply with the RoHS Directive prohibiting the use of hazardous substances.

From design to production to performance, Sharp document systems deliver on the company’s unwavering commitment to protect the environment and its precious resources.


Environmental Technologies

Eco Functions
  • Power ON/OFF Schedule function automatically turns the MFP on or off according to time schedules set by the administrator.

Eco Functions 1

  • Eco Functions 2Based on prior usage patterns, Sharp MFPs automatically determine the optimal length of time to let elapse before going into auto power shut-off mode, helping reduce overall power consumption. Shortly before auto power shut-off mode begins, a message appears on the LCD indicating that the MFP will soon shut down and giving users the option to continue operation.
  • Before a print*/copy command is executed from the control panel, the Eco Recommendation function offers suggestions on environmentally friendly settings, helping users achieve even greater eco-friendly operation

* Printing of Document Filing data and direct printing (FTP/SMB/USB).

  • Eco Scan function saves energy by keeping the fusing system shut down during jobs that don’t require the use of the fusing system, such as Image Sending and Document Filing.


Eco Design

  • For further energy savings, energy-efficient LED lamps are employed in the scan unit in place of conventional xenon lamps.Eco Design 1






  • Eco Design 2Sharp MFPs have two energy-saving modes that kick in after a period of MFP inactivity: one reduces the amount of electricity used; the other shuts off the MFP. And pressing the power save key after a job is finished immediately puts the MFPs into auto power shut-off mode for further cutbacks on running costs.





  • Eco Design 3Sharp’s belt fusing system shortens the MFP’s warm-up time, contributing to reduced overall energy consumption.





Mycrostoner-EP (Eco-Positive)—Non-Crop Biomass Toner

Biomass Materials


Toner 1

Mycrostoner-EP (Eco-Positive) Biomass Toner


Toner 2

Toner is largely composed of resin. With Mycrostoner-EP (Eco-Positive), a biomass toner developed by Sharp, a portion of the resin material is made from non-crop biomass.

Carbon Neutral Cycle


Toner 3


When spent biomass toner is incinerated, the combustion of the biomass-derived resin in the toner results in the release of CO2. The amount of CO2 released is equivalent to the amount of CO2 absorbed (during growth) by the plants that made up the biomass resin. Thus, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere does not change on the whole, and the disposal process can be considered carbon neutral.


Environmental Labels

  • Most of Sharp’s world-market MFPs conform to the latest version of the ENERGY STAR® programme, an international system identifying energy-efficient products.Energy Star 1




  • Sharp MFPs have satisfied the strict requirements of environmental labels like the Nordic Ecolabel and the Blue Angel, reflecting their high level of Nordic Eco Label & Blue Angelenvironmental friendliness.




  • Sharp’s Mycrostoner-EP (Eco-Positive) biomass toner has been certified as a bio-based product by DIN CERTCO*, the certification organization of DIN Certco & BiomassPlaTÜV Rheinland Group and DIN, the German Institute for Standardization.
    Mycrostoner-EP is also the first toner to earn the BP (BiomassPla: Biomass-based Plastic) Mark, indicating certification by the Japan BioPlastics Association (JBPA) as a biomass plastic product containing the required level of organic materials.

* The toner certified by DIN CERTCO is the MX-900GT.